2024 Pennsylvania Dental Association President-Elect Candidate

Voting via e-ballot will begin on February 15 and continue until February 29.  Your eballot will be emailed to you by PDA. 

I thank you for your consideration.

Nipa Thakkar, DMD

Organized dentistry has served us well, affording us practice autonomy and the means for effective patient care. To continue our success, we must adapt. I ask for your vote for PDA President-Elect because I believe that I can be a key facilitator of excellence towards our progress. If elected, I would emphasize three areas of focus: member growth, bridging the gap between the past and our future, and advocacy for the best interests of dentistry.

Members seek relevance. We must be the voice of our dentists by reflecting their expectations and concerns as our own. In our practices we absorb our patients’ troubles and make them ours until we have a solution where all parties feel seen. Let us represent our dentists so well that it would seem unfathomable not to join us. A unified and inclusive dental community starts with a culture change. An acute awareness of the experience of being different can be jarring. Our new graduates are the most diverse dentistry has ever seen, and they are also our strongest asset. They must see the PDA as critical for their lives—together we can be the brightest PDA our history has ever seen.

Our core values shape the way we present to future members and the public. The PDA’s health depends on alignment of association values with our dentists’ values. As a millennial, I had an analog childhood—I rode my bike outside until dark and didn’t have a computer until college. I have also had, however, a digital adulthood. My generation is uniquely equipped to bridge the gap between “what was” and “what will be.” We respected change. I will help to show future members that the PDA is meant for them while reassuring current members that it continues to be theirs as well.

The PDA’s pride is in its advocacy for our best interests. Our battle for favorable collaborative insurance reform must continue with state leaders. We are experiencing unprecedented dental workforce shortages. The very existence of our practices depend on our ability to fill needed roles. As tax-paying, law-abiding, community-lifting members of society, our advocacy is warranted. I plan to champion our continued momentum so that the dental health trajectory in PA sees a significant uptick.

On your behalf, I’ve represented PDA as an ADA Delegate for 9 years. I completed my service on the PDA Board of Trustees in 2023. I now serve on 5 PDA task forces/committees, and I am chair of the ADA Council on Membership for a 2nd year. I ask now for the honor to be President-Elect for the PDA to channel my enthusiasm for the collective good in service to our dentists in PA.

Thank you. 

Nipa Thakkar